How to Be Consistent with Your Blog

Inconsistency is a common problem faced by many bloggers. Newbie bloggers often experience this problem worse. They have lack of focus toward their blog. That’s what makes them failed with their blog. Lack of focus will make all your efforts in blogging go to waste. Think about it. You have to eliminate it before it becomes your own ticket to blogging failure. Here are some tips you can use to keep your focus with your blog:


1. Recognize your blog value

First of all, you have to remember this: do not underestimate your blog. Who knows that it will be your main money maker in the future? Who knows that it will make you live comfortably later? So, begin your step by recognizing the value of your blog. Remember that your blog is your asset to achieve a greater life in the future. If you recognize your blog value, you will be more committed with your blog. Thus, consistency will follow.

2. Don’t be afraid

Most people don’t want to immediately write something on their blog because they’re afraid of the comments that they will get later. Remember that as a blogger, it is important to write something that you want to write, and of course, that your visitors want to read. However, don’t let their comments intimidate you at all. There are trolls out there, and you have to ignore them. Or better, you can delete their comments if you want. Your job is to write a wonderful post regularly.

3. Schedule your post ahead of time

There is one simple feature inherent in any blogging platform—a feature to schedule your blog post. If you want to publish regular blog post, schedule it ahead of time. For instance, if you feel that you want to write 3 blog posts today, don’t publish those three posts on the same day. Instead, publish one post today and schedule the other posts for two days ahead. In this way, you don’t need to think about publishing new posts for your blog for two days. If you want to write again, just write. But, schedule. Don’t publish your posts all at once.

4. Don’t think too much about your blog

Thinking too much about your blog will lead you into writer’s block. And you’ll have the difficulty to write a new post in your blog. In blogging, you have to recognize the fun side of it. Don’t take it too seriously, yet keep your responsibility on it. If you think too much or become obsessive with your blog, it will become bad for you. You’ll become obsessed with traffic, analytics, SEO, and so on. Not that you’ll become more productive. You’ll become more anxious instead. It will block your focus and creativity and make you unable to become consistent with your blog.

Those tips will help you to retain your consistency with your blog. If you apply the tips above in your blogging business, you’ll become a better blogger for sure.

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