How To Get State Bank of India IFSC Code?

Before getting into how to get state bank of India IFSC code, let’s have a brief explanation of what is mean by IFSC code? IFSC stands for Indian Financial System code (IFSC code). This is 11 characters alphanumeric code provided by the RBI to all the banks and their branches in India. This includes both foreign and India-based banks.

By using this 11 character code we can identify the bank and their branches details like address, contact details, zip code, MICR code etc.

This IFSC code is used by the bank as well as online banking customers during fund transfer. NEFT, IMPS, and RTGS we will use this code in all kind of transaction.

Most Cases IFSC code can not be changed. But sometimes RBI has the power to change IFSC code for security reason. So you can always verify IFSC code of your bank regularly. Getting IFSC code is not a difficult task.

As I said before, SBI IFSC code is used for fund transfer. You can visit and select the state name, district, and branch name to get 11 character IFSC code, MICR code, SWIFT code, address and PIN code for all the branches.

Advantage of IFSC code:

  1. Internet banking is the best option for transferring money between banks and branches. A person who wants to access their bank account from any digital device can create an account in SBI internet banking and transfer fund easily. For that purpose, IFSC code is more important.
  2. IFSC code helps to avoid bank phishing which held at the past. And it helps to transfer money to all the beneficiary safe.

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