How to choose the handheld Vacuum?

Handheld Vacuum is a small, lightweight and portable. Upright Vacuum Cleaner’s Weight is too heavy and easily replaced by canister Vacuum cleaner which it requires the bag to collect the small messes and other dirt. It is working like Canister Vacuum Cleaner. The weight of the Vacuum Cleaner and size also too high in earlier days. Its size and weight are reduced by the name of “HANDHELD”. And so these handheld vacuum features are attracted by the users very much today. Suppose you purchase the vacuum in the market and then you know a little bit of information before you buy it. I suggest some of the tips to choose the best handheld vacuum cleaner for your home.


Lithium and Nickel-Cadmium battery extends the life as the last longer. Choose the battery of its kind. A Battery is working more than 30 minutes while cleaning. You would choose the limited amount of time for recharging and working with more than half an hour while discharging. Select the battery as indicate some warning signal when the battery is running low.


Most of the handheld vacuum cleaner is light in weight. Its weight approximately varies from 0.7 kg to 2.5 kg. You can easy to lift and shift from one place to other. That’s why people prefer most the light and small vacuum cleaner than the larger one.

Dirt Bowl

This dirt bowl capacity differs from each handheld vacuum cleaner. These kinds of vacuum dirt bowl picking the small messes instead of larger quantity. You would choose the maximum capacity of dirt bowl from this Vacuum.

Attachment Tools

Once you buy the vacuum, they give extra additional tools for other cleaning purposes. If you use it, then clean your home very effectively. Additional tools such as Crevice Tool, Upholstery tool, Brush Roll, Dust Brush, Mattress Tool, etc. It is used for different kinds of cleaning purpose.


It is the main consideration before buying the best handheld vacuum cleaner. It satisfies your specification and needs, you will be able to buy the vacuum with your budget. After buying the vacuum, you will take care of it. You heard some strange sounds coming from the vacuum, you switch-off it and replaced within the warranty period.

From the above details, you can get an idea of choosing the vacuum for your home. Hereafter, you have done your cleaning work within short duration by using the vacuum.

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